Business Leaders

V.E.T.S. is a nonprofit company incorporated in the rich mix of veterans, innovators and businesses in central Colorado. The team spun off from an established technology forecasting company with a solid history of data mining and analysis. To that base, we added organizational culture, human resources, social media, database, nonprofit accounting, more leadership, more training and more communication skills.

This unique mix of commercial and veteran experience created the proprietary method and the home team, with regional teams to follow. We serve you by mathematically modeling your unique cultures. You’ll benefit by then being able to pull veterans who fit your culture from our database and invite them to apply for your jobs. Your normal hiring process will begin with both sides knowing they’ll work well together. You’ll also benefit from the focused, brutally honest, no lies, no delusions, detailed insight into your cultures. You’re free to use that insight to improve your operations.

We can also discuss other services that have nothing to do with employment matching. For example, our method is great for comparing cultures before a merger or acquisition. Getting the cultural match part wrong is a quick way to fail, isn’t it? We can also measure a culture as an empirical input during organizational change. And our method can work with your surveys. That’s a great quality check on historical data or current surveys. There’s more so please used the Contact Us feature to open a conversation.