We’re much more than the traditional employment preparation programs and job services that coach veterans into pretending they’re civilians.

Our Mission: Our mission is to serve America’s veterans by matching them with employer and student body cultures where they stand the best chance of fitting in. That service will give them the best possible start on their civilian careers. They’ll thrive, be rewarded and enjoy going to work.

We’re not an employment service. We match vets into business and university cultures, not into specific jobs or professions. Read on to see how we do it!

Our Vision: Veterans finding education and employment on the right teams, in the right organizations.
Our Method: V.E.T.S. developed a proprietary process that accurately measures an organization’s culture. We use the same process to measure each veteran. We will then compare both sets of objective data to match vets with compatible cultures, such as in business and education. We’ll then provide the employer or school with a rank-ordered list of potential members with the best cultural fit (who will then go through the regular hiring or admissions process).

We will not match to any employer’s imagined culture, the one described in glossy brochures, because that’s rarely reality. We will match to the measured organization’s real culture, warts and all, because that’s where employees and students thrive or fail.

Veterans Business Leaders